Read this yet?

Are you a model?

Seriously, if you are a model, first check the link above, which is also true if you are looking to remove your videos.

If you are looking to remove your videos, check the link above, in case you do not have access anymore to your account on the cam site, contact your cam site as they can remove the videos for you (they can only remove them, if you do not have access anymore)

If you are a model from camyou or myfreecams: To make it clear again: we will not remove any video from camyou or myfreecams, there is literally no exception for the time being that myfreecams messes with us. Don't bug us, bug them, we won't change it for as long as they continue.

For myfreecams models - Twitter


Remember to include the account id, if your query is related to an account.

We do not guarantee to answer, but read it.


Do you accept credit cards or paypal? - No.

Can I have some kind of test account? - No.

Will face search be extended for models from other sites too? - If they do not try the same as myfreecams, no.

How can I remove my videos? - Check the text and links above.

My videos are DMCA protected, you can not publish them! - Wanna bet? the DMCA law is as useless as the logo that created for it is ugly in your show (not to mention that your videos are DMCA protected even if you do not have the logo, which is actually a trademark logo from and not from the actual DMCA law, just fyi.). Though having it does prove that you have no clue about how DMCA works.